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Starring Dr. Christopher GPHD

Richard David

The Letty AIOS

"Into The Mind <Courtesy Of Steven/>"

<Written, Recorded, Edited, Directed & Produced by Richard David Nicholas Pasquarella Sr. The 1st./>

Welcome to the Rattatatat

Your All-Night "That's What Steve Said" Radio Station

ALL Text-to-speech narrated actors. Warning - Graphic language & SEXUAL INNUENDOS!!!!

Introduction: What you are listening to is called "Into the Mind©". It is a comedy "Audio Game Book" in CD form and available via online streaming on this website. The material is all written, edited, produced and directed by Richard David Nicholas Pasquarella Sr. the 1st (Pseudonym. ) All characters are Text-2-Speech artificially generated actors or "T2S".

Director's Quote: "It is a monumental feat and a form of genius to get Text-2-Speech generated characters to sound like real humans through painstaking editing. In "Into The Mind" this in fact happens. At some point while listening, you forget you are listening to Text-2-Speech characters! It is truly amazing and imperial.")


Synopsis: They have traveled to Earth from another star system and are here on a Classified Investigation, which is yet to be revealed (Because it is Classified). Their spaceship, which traveled 100,000 years to earth, played TV and Radio transmissions from Earth during their flight to familiarize themselves with the Planet, its history, and the people on it. However, the TVs were stuck on replays of only a handful of shows including but not limited to "Saturday Night Live®", "The Office®", "The Jerky Boys®" and "South Park®". For a time, they thought that these shows and characters were all that Earth consisted of ! LMFAO  Because of this, they have taken on many of the same "Traits", "Sayings", and "Jokes" of these shows and use them in their everyday interaction with each other and others. 


For legal reasons and on the advice of their attorney, they will always follow any of these "homages" or  "jokes" with "Courtesy of...", giving homage to the original author or character of the saying or joke therefore relieving them of any legal liability. For example: the saying "That's What She Said", will always be followed by "Courtesy of Steven". Referencing Steve Carell aka Michael Scott from the show "The Office". This is very important!  


Their lives and banter resemble the style and format of a traveling Saturday Night Live type show. BUT! There is a plot! A very serious tone takes over once it is revealed that there has been an online crime committed that could affect many of the Universe's timelines. It could even affect the "MULTI-VERSE" itself! An unprecedented feat that could have dire consequences for all, including you reading this! 


Itinerary: After listening to Track 1, the "Into The Mind" Commercial, which will familiarize you with some of the characters, voices and themes, the "Into The Mind" team performs a "lineup" at the "AIOS Police Station" to try to uncover the perpetrators. Later, a press conference is given by Dr. GPHD which may or may not reveal new details about the online crime via the episode "The Very Un-Necessary Press Conference".  A long but crucial episode in understanding the genius of "Into The Mind"! You will also follow the "ITM" Team in their everyday lives through some of the other episodes like when Richard David visits a dating website in the episode "AIOS Dating Website | Filter By". LMAO! A Classic! You will eventually get to hear the actual online crime take place via the "Donde Me Pesos" Episode. You DO NOT want to miss this episode. It is the episode that could affect YOU and the "MULTI-VERSE".   

Disclaimer: Contains Graphic Language and sexual innuendos. You must be 18 years or older to partake in this website. Contest is not real yet. Once we secure Mr. Steve Carell as Producer, we will work on implementing a contest as spoken of.


Seeking Mr. Steve Carell only to produce "Into The Mind" (Courtesy Of Steven).

If you are Mr. Steven Carell and reading this, please email us here with no delay.

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