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The Into The Mind Game Challenge



Rules & Regulations



<TWSS-COS/> = That's what she said <Courtesy of Steven>.

<TWAL/> = That was a lie.

Disclaimer: The Into The Mind does not currently have $1,000,000 to pay the winner of the game. However, once Steve Carell agrees to be their Producer, then this can be a distinct possibility. In which case, it is ON mother f$$kers.  <TWSS-COS/> And you will be one of the smart and lucky ones to have entered early <TWSS-COS/> when it was free <TWSS-COS/>.


Not that Steven will put out <TWSS-COS/> his own money, but that he will know the people who can make this happen <TWSS-COS/>So enter now because only the 1st 1,000,000 people to like + share this video will be entered <TWSS-COS/> and eligible for the $1,000,000 prize (before taxes). There is no fee to join at this time (TWSS-COS) but this can change at any time <TWSS-COS/>.

So go enter now <TWSS-COS/> while it is free. 

RULES: To enter you must be 18 years of age or older in the US Standard Eastern Time Zone. You must perform <TWSS-COS/> a few Social Activities <TWSS-COS/> in order to be eligible for the one million dollar prize (before taxes).  And you must be able to provide proof of this sharing and liking <TWSS-COS/>.

These Social Activities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Watch Video titled (Into The Mind Does Van Halen - Oh Yes (Very Imperial) Win $1,000,000).

2. LIKE said video on Youtube® & Facebook®.  *Optional: Share anywhere else you wish (Twitter etc.)  The more the merrier <TWSS-COS/> and it will have a positive effect on your odds of winning <TWAL/>. Just kidding. That was a lie and a joke <TWSS-COS/>. It will not affect your odds in any way. You will have same chance as the other one million people who will enter. But, it would be very imperial of you to share everywhere you are able to <TWSS-COS/>.

3. Enter <TWSS-COS/>  your Full Legal Name and Email in the form below. If you have not already. Click the "Enter To Win" button.

Final Contestants:

3 Contestants will be chosen to be on the "We Are The Champions" Game Challenge Episode. If you are shy and do not wish to be

the contestant yourself on the show, you can designate a family member or friend to take your place and you will both share in the prize. 50-50. 



1A. The total entries are maxed at 1,000,000 to keep the odds at one million to one (Much better than any state lottery) . No entries will be allowed after the one millionth person.

1B. You can only enter once. Cheating is grounds for disqualification and a kick in the ass.

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